Light of the risen Sun

May - June 2018

The feasts we celebrate during these months invite us to deeper joy, courage, wonder and mission. We celebrate and share the Light of faith

Plentiful Redemption

March - April 2018

Lent and Paschaltide are the two liturgical seasons that fall within these two months. The read-ing from Peter Vigne might indeed surprise us!

A Reawakening...a New Year, new life

January and February 2018

As an introduction to this year, we reflect on a short passage from Peter Vigne. The text reminds us how easy it is to give up, to rely on habit and routine, not necessarily creative and life


An Eastern journey with the three Marys

April and May 2017

The month of April this year is a “Holy” month: with Palm Sunday we enter into Holy  Week….accompanying Christ on his journey to the Cross and the Resurrection.